Collaborative Graduate Program in Musculoskeletal Health ResearchWestern University

Process & Regulations


The deadline for applications to the CMHR Program beginning September 1st is July 15th.  


Admission Requirements for the Collaborative Graduate Program in Musculoskeletal Health Research are the same for both Masters and PhD students.

Candidates for the Collaborative Graduate Program must meet all necessary requirements to be admitted in full standing to graduate school in their host graduate program, or be already engaged in a Master's or PhD program with a Supervisor who is a Member of the Program.

Eligibility Criteria

CMHR is seeking the very best candidates with outstanding potential to contribute to research in Musculoskeletal Health

Applicants must be registered as full-time graduate students, postdoctoral fellows or clinician scientists in training, and be accepted to an accredited program at Western University 

Applicants must be supervised by a CMHR Mentor 

Applicants must be engaged in research relevant to musculoskeletal health

Application to CMHR is normally made within the first term of study (trainees must be at least 12 months from the projected completion of their program

How to Apply

Review the CMHR Terms of Reference before submitting an application.

Complete the CMHR Application form 

The research proposal must be prepared in collaboration with a CMHR Mentor

The CMHR Mentor must be prepared to supervise the applicant, including providing the appropriate facilities/infrastructure, for the duration of the training

All documents must be submitted by the application deadline via OWL

The CMHR Training & Education Committee will review potential candidates and select successful applicants

The CMHR Stipends will be administered on a yearly basis (April 1st of each year), after annual review of the student’s participation in CMHR (as outlined in Terms of the Collaborative Training Program in Musculoskeletal Health Research).

Criteria for Adjudication

Candidate’s Academic Achievements (including formal education and scholarship, research experiences, recognitions, prizes, etc.)

Quality of the proposed research project, and its fit with Western’s Bone & Joint Institute

Mentorship and resources in the training environment


Students who graduate in this program will get either a Masters or PhD degree with the words with Musculoskeletal Health Research added to their Diploma.

Required Documentation

Application Form  
Copy of Online Western Transcripts
Official Transcripts from institutions other than Western
Additional Documentation as required for PDFs and Clinician Scientists in Training