Collaborative Specialization in Musculoskeletal Health ResearchBone and Joint Institute

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To be a CMHR Mentor, you must first self-identify and have applied to the Bone and Joint Institute.

Once Institute Membership Status has been cofirmed, individuals may apply to hold Mentor Status within CMHR.

Mentors in CMHR are Full-Time Tenured or Probationary Faculty holding Membership with The School of Graduate and Post Doctoral Studies at Western.  Membership within CMHR is not fixed and application for Mentor Status is welcomed by the Training and Education Committee at any time.

Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry


Dr. Tom Appleton

Medicine/Physiology & Pharmacology/Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Dr. George Athwal


Dr. Chris Bailey

Surgery/Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Lillian Barra

Medicine/Microbiology & Immunology

Dr. Frank Beier

Physiology & Pharmacology

Dr. Ewa Cairns

Microbiology & Immunology/Medicine

Dr. Mamadou Diop

Medical Biophysics

Dr. Jeff Dixon

Physiology & Pharmacology/Dentistry

Dr. Lauren Flynn

Anatomy & Cell Biology/Chemical & Biochemical Engineering/Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Jefferson Frisbee

Medical Biophysics

Dr. Gregory Garvin

Medical Imaging

Dr. Bing Siang Gan

Surgery/Physiology & Pharmacology

Dr. Alan Getgood

Surgery/Fowler Kennedy Clinic/Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Robert Giffin


Dr. Harvey Goldberg

Dentistry Oral Biology/Biochemistry/Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Douglas Hamilton

Dentistry Oral Biology/Anatomy & Cell Biology/Biomedical Engineering

Dr. David Hess

Physiology & Pharmacology/Biochemistry/Anatomy & Cell Biology/Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Lisa Hoffman

Medical Biophysics/Anotomy & Cell Biology

Dr. David Holdsworth

Medical Biophysics/ Surgery/Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Yara Hosein


Dr. Mary Jenkins

Neurological Sciences

Dr. Graham King

Surgery/Mechanical & Material Engineering/Medical Biophysics/Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Tay Keng

Diagnostic Radiology/Medical Imaging

Dr. Dale Laird

Physiology & Pharmacology/Anatomy & Cell Biology

Dr. Marie-Eve LeBel


Dr. Shuo Li

Medical Imaging/Medical Biophysics/Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Robert Litchfield

Surgery/Fowler Kennedy Clinic

Dr. Steven MacDonald


Dr. Doug Naudie


Dr. Grace Parraga

Medical Biophysics/ Medical Imaging/ Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Silvia Penuela

Anatomy & Cell Biology

Dr. Janet Pope

Clinical Epidemiology

Dr. Dave Sanders


Dr. Cheryle Seguin

Physiology & Pharmacology/Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Matthew Teeter

Medical Biophysics/Surgery/Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Terry Thompson

Medical Biophysics

Dr. Katherine Willmore

Anatomy & Cell Biology



Health Sciences


Dr. Michele Battie

Physical Therapy

Dr. Trevor Birmingham

Physical Therapy/Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Diane Bryant

Physical Therapy

Dr. Bert Chesworth

Physical Therapy

Dr. Denise Connelly

Physical Therapy

Dr. James Dickey

Kinesiology/Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Tim Doherty

Physical Therapy/Kinesiology

Dr. Jayne Garland

Physical Therapy

Dr. Marita Kloseck

Health Studies/Medicine

Dr. Brent Lanting

Surgery/Kinesiology/Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Peter Lemon


Dr. Joy MacDermid

Surgery/Health & Rehabilitation

Dr. Jacquelyn Marsh 

Physical Therapy

Dr. Carole Orchard

Nursing/Family Medicine

Dr. Robert Petrella

Family Medicine/Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Dr. Dave Walton

Physical Therapy

Dr. Dalton Wolfe

Health Studies





Dr. Louis Ferreira

Mechanical & Materials Engineering/Imaging/Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Lauren Flynn

Anatomy & Cell Biology/Chemical & Biochemical Engineering/Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Elizabeth Gillies

Chemistry/Chemical & Biochemical Engineering/Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Thomas Jenkyn

Mechanical & Materials Engineering/Kinesiology/Biomedical Engineering

Dr. James Johnson

Mechanical & Materials Engineering/Surgery/Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Emily Lalone

Mechanical & Materials Engineering/Surgery/Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Aaron Price

Mechanical & Materials Engineering/Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Amin Rizkalla

Dentistry Oral Biology/Chemical & Biochemical Engineering/Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Ana Luisa Trejos

Electrical & Computer Engineering/Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Ryan Willing

Mechanical and Materials Engineering



Science & Social Science


Dr. Blaine Chronik

Physics & Astronomy/Biomedical Engineering

Dr. François Lagugné-Labarthet


Dr. Andrew Nelson